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Tuggeranong Honey is sourced from beehives located in the southern areas of Canberra in the suburb of Conder and at Lanyon Homestead. Our Tuggeranong bees collect honey from suburban gardens and the honey changes significantly with each season.

Our current Tuggeranong honey is a light coloured honey with a gentle sweet aroma. The flavours are soft, delicate and sweet with a soft mellow finish.

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Damian (verified owner)- Dec 24, 2015:

I was looking for local honey as I heard it could help with Hayfever. This honey is some of the best I’ve ever tasted. Beautiful full flavour but not too sweet, my whole family love it, my son and I have it with breakfast almost every day! It’s been two weeks since I’ve had this honey and my first two summer weeks in 34 years without Hayfever symptoms! Looking forward to enjoying my first Christmas without Hayfever or the drowsiness of medication! Many thanks!

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