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Belconnen Honey is sourced from beehives located in the north-western areas of Canberra in the suburbs of Aranda and Scullin. Scullin comprises large amounts of native flora and is one of Canberra’s most bee friendly suburbs. Aranda is positioned at the base of Black Mountain and is close to the National Botanical Gardens.

Our Belconnen bees collect honey from a wide variety of bee friendly areas and the honey is usually a medium to dark amber colour with an aroma of sweet caramel. The flavour is a unique mix of caramel, toffee and hazelnut with a sharp but smooth finish.

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Sam - Sep 26, 2014:

I like a darker honey like Apple box so was really happy to find this honey that is right mix of flavor for my taste. Perfect on a slice of bread or using with cooking. I also like how the bees may have visited my garden to help make this honey, what a great initiative!

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