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Ainslie Honey is sourced from beehives located in the suburb of Ainslie. Ainslie is positioned in the north of Canberra and is located at the base of Mount Ainslie which has extensive natural plantings of the yellow box tree (Eucalyptus melliodora).

Our Ainslie bees have foraged widely on Mount Ainslie reserve, resulting in a honey with a distinct yellow box flavour and aroma. Ainslie Honey is a light coloured honey with pronounced aromas of honeycomb, nuts and a hint of coconut. The flavour is that of a classic honey with a silky smooth finish and an intense sweetness that lingers.

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The Muesli Bar- Sep 29, 2014:

We absolutely love this honey, we go through kilos of it every couple of weeks – for personal consumption and to toast our oats in. There is no comparison to other honey brands, consider us addicted :)

Lizzy (Good Things) - Sep 26, 2014:

Full marks to you… I love cooking with this one! Beeeee-licious!

Megan- Sep 26, 2014 :

Amazing honey, I like using it in my tea at the end of the day & love that I can buy honey that was made in my suburb!!

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