Sweet Realm for Rooftop Hives at the Realm

The Hotel Realm came to the rescue of the struggling (starving) Canberra Urban Hives when our project was in its early stages.

The rooftop at the realm is perfect for bees – its sheltered, has plenty of sun and protection from the winter wind.

We created quite a buzz when we placed hives onto the rooftop of the Realm Hotel – it was the first roof top hive for Canberra. The story was covered twice in the Canberra Times, the Sydney Morning Herald,  and discussed on ABC Radio.

We are so very grateful to the Hotel Realm for working with us to make sure these hives can continue to pollinate Canberra vegetable gardens.

It’s wonderful to have the support of the Hotel Realm owners and their staff. Thank you so very much for helping to save Canberra’s honeybees.

This project has become an absolute joy in our lives. It’s incredibly rewarding to make connections between our rural heritage and the city, and to be sharing our passion for bees, honey and beekeeping with so many people.

-- Mitchell Pearce


The Digital Bridges - August 28, 2015:

Sometimes, you’ve to say what people don’t want to believe about. I respect you for that.

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