Remembering Astrid Spelman

This blog has been about sharing the Canberra Urban Honey journey. Part of the journey is about being grateful for having known Astrid Spelman, and acknowledging the contributions she made. Astrid has been part of Canberra Urban Honey since the beginning. Many of you will be aware that Astrid, Mitchell’s girlfriend, was recently involved in a car accident and tragically passed away on Sunday 3rd August.

Astrid was a talented photographer. Often providing us with the perfect photo for our talks or blog posts, with very little notice. Photography is an expression of self, and her photos always reflected her vibrant personality. The cover photo on the Canberra Urban Honey Facebook page along with the background photo for this website are Astrid’s works.

Astrid was an accomplished writer. Sharing Mitchell’s passion for video games, Astrid wanted to be a video game critic, and review writer. Our blogs, speech’s, handouts and labels would not have the same quality without Astrid’s input. Her way with words often perfected a blog, or created a powerful and lasting impact. Astrid’s game reviews have been published on the website Pixels for Breakfast and can be found by clicking here.

Astrid made outstanding contributions to Canberra Urban Honey, and we certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without her.

Thankyou for everything Astrid Spelman, we will miss you dearly.

-- Mitchell Pearce


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