Realm Sweet Dreams


A collaboration between Hotel Realm, Canberra Urban Honey and St Vincent de Paul Society.

Hotel Realm has been a great friend of ours since Canberra Urban Honey started, by being the first local business to jump on board and have a rooftop apiary. Its always been a focus and personal goal of mine to create collaborations and events that support sustainability in Canberra and help the community.

We have been working on a sweet dreams concept for sometime and brainstorming ideas, trying to figure out another way we can team up and give back to the community.We have teamed up with our old friends at Hotel Realm and some new friends at St Vincent de Pauls Society to offer warm winter cloths and blankets for homeless people in Canberra.

Hotel Realm are going to make Canberra Urban Honey available to the guests staying at the hotel, and the proceeds from the honey will be going towards purchasing warm winter blankets, and warm clothing for those in need around the ACT.

Meeting with Carlos from Hotel Realm


I’m so humbled to see Canberra Urban Honey grow to a point where we can start to make an impact, and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve.

-Mitchell Pearce


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