Farmers Market Buzz

Saturday morning you will find us at Capital Region Farmers Market, Exhibition Park, Canberra. We are stall 131, we are on the corner and we will probably be slicing up a fresh sour dough bun.

We always start early and usually arrive before 6, so please forgive us if we forget our tasting sticks. If you’re cold when your there, we have a little camp heater that we will always share.

We always spread the honey love with bread and pepe saya butter to keep market patrons aflutter. We always have a different treat for you to try, so please pop over if you pass by.

-- Carmen Pearce


Carol - July 26, 2014:

Love that you guys are at Capital Region Farmers Market EVERY week !

Mitchell Pearce - July 27, 2014:

Thanks Carol. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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