Canberra Urban Honey reached its fundraising goal using Pozible

Sweet Success

We are delighted to have reached our fund raising goal using the crowd funding website Pozible. As far as we know, it is the first crowd funded agricultural project in Australia – so its a big deal !

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has helped this project get this far!

Canberra Urban Honey reached its fundraising goal using Pozible


There has been a lot of planning, talking and meeting with people to make it to this point – but the best is yet to come – sharing the honey :-)

The Planning

Planning the fund raising campaign was trickier than we thought it would be. At first we thought the kick-starter crowd funding site would be great. ( A number of US beekeepers had already been successful using kick starter, so we thought it would ideal. Unfortunately, after going through all the steps to set it up, we discovered that we needed to be an American citizen, have a bank account in the US or have a green card. None of those things applied to anyone in our family – so we abandoned that idea. Apparently, there is a way to get around those requirements, but using an Aussie site seemed to make more sense. So we turned to the Aussie site – Pozible, with a ‘Z’ (

The Pozible crowd funding site is very easy to use, with lots of tips and ideas for beginners. The biggest hint I would give anyone considering using Pozible? Make sure your ready to go because it only takes three days for your project to be reviewed, and once your project has been approved – its LIVE!! This turned out to be a bit of a nightmare for us, because the timing didn’t quite work the way we had planned. The result was that our Pozible fund raising project was live before we had confirmed our first host for a micro-apiary. It meant we had to manage the fundraising and all the networking to organise the host locations for a hive at the same time. It’s been incredibly hectic!

Running the fund raising campaign meant getting out and telling people about it. We used all means available to us – twitter, facebook and we also talked about it to our customers at the Capital Region Farmers Market. Having a 30 second summary of our project was a big help ! We had to tell the story of Canberra Urban Honey many times, and often with very little time to do it. In hindsight, I think a brochure to give to people would have been very helpful, but I didn’t think of that until the end, and was too busy to get it done!

The talking and meeting

We’ve been busy this past month working with a number of people who have been interested in hosting a hive. We’ve been looking around potential sites and thinking about where the sun comes up and where it goes down.. considering how hot the hives might get over the summer, considering the impact of air conditioners…the list of things to consider is quite long. BUT we reached a milestone just a few days ago when we confirmed the first host for a micro- apiary (just on Friday).

Our current plan is to move the hives into position through the week – and of course post all the information here to share it.

The talking and meeting is getting wider and bigger as more and more people hear about what we are doing. We were fortunate to have some exposure of both the Honey Delight family and Canberra Urban Honey stories in THE LAND newspaper this past week.


Honey Delight and Canberra Urban Honey featured in The Land


On Saturday we also recorded an interview for a community radio, to be aired on Sunday 16th December. I was talking about our family, honey and bees – so put this one in your calendar!

Biodegradio (Sundays at 1pm on 2XX FM)

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  1. Thank you
    I look forward to when you visit again. Carmen ;-)

  2. Carmen, I heard you on the radio and googled you-you used to live opposite us in Wanniassa and our daughter Stephanie used to babysit your boys-I do have the right Carmen, dont I?anyway, my brother in law in Merimbula is a beekeeper and my sister in Hobart is involved with an urban beekeeping project so we sort of have a connection. I am not into bees but love their produce but am still a passionate quilter. Guess you wouldnt have anytime for quilting bit I do recall you were interested. Anyway, well done with your project-might meet up sometime

    • Hi Jan
      Lovely to hear from you :-) yes I remember! Did you see the photo of Ryan? It was so long ago that Stephanie was his babysitter :-)
      It’s amazing that your family is involved in beekeeping – its a small world isn’t it?
      Your right, I don’t have much time for quilting these days, but I still love fabric. The quilts I did make always had a bee in them – in the fabric or as a button sewn on somewhere!
      I hope you and your family well and yes, it would be nice to catch up sometime – I will email you. :-)

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